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Traffic Generation Club Membership

  • Traffic Quantity vs Traffic Quality - This is a real 'ah-ha" moment that turns your entire business around - Get ALL the traffic you need!
  • Siphoning Traffic From Social Media - An overlooked strategy that's so powerful it can attract thousands of eager customers to you.
  • The Secrets of Optimizing Your Existing Traffic - 3 surprising ways to turn existing traffic into more traffic, more sales, and more cash in the bank!

How To Find Hot Selling Items To Sell On Your Ecommerce Store

  • Simplified 15 minute video giving you an easy to understand introduction to the affiliate marketing game.
  • Presented to you by 7 figure affiliate marketer

Profit Ascension

  • Specific Bing Ad + FB Ad traffic strategy to get super cheap traffic
  • Bing Ads to your landing page with a retargeting pixel, and then use FB ads for super cheap clicks.
  • 100% newbie friendly

Jono's Bing Ads Course

  • How to get quality clicks from Bing ads for cheap
  • Easy walk-through shows you how to get traffic as soon as today
  • 100% newbie friendly

Better Email Marketing

  • 36 minute video shows you how to do MUCH BETTER when you're writing that next email to your email list.
  • How to properly format an email, what emotions to focus on, what types of emails you should write
  • TONS of amazing email subject line examples you can steal for amazing results

List Building On Steroids

  • 43 Minute video interview with 7 figure earners exposing their list building secrets
  • ​How To Build Your List EFFECTIVELY and FAST
  • TONS of Golden Email Marketing and List Building Nuggets


  • 500+ Winning Facebook Ad Templates That'll Inspire You
  • Put together by Daniel and Dawood with over 1 year experience across different niches and spending over $100,000 on Facebook ads
  • Copy these templates and skip the steep FB Ad creative learning curve

10X Commissions

  • The Secret To $10,000 Per Month in Your Spare Time
  • The exact formula Brendan Mace, a 7 figure marketer used to make $10,000 per month
  • Only takes 30 min - 2 hours per day.

Personal 1-on-1 Mentoring

  • You get my personal phone # to get a direct line to me via WhatsApp
  • 1-on-1 Personal Mentoring from me Jonas Nielsen (full-time affiliate)
  • Ask me anything, get the guidance you need based on YOUR UNIQUE situation
  • WhatsApp: +45 60 94 33 10
    Skype: joeenielsen

Party Method Vendor Bonuses

  • You get all the bonuses presented by the vendor on the sales page as well.
  • Bonus #1: Get full PDF blueprints with templates of each step of the secret Party Method process for easy reference of the entire system as you throw your party.
  • Bonus #2: Get our secret sources of FREE GIFTS for you to give away (and GET PAID FOR!) at your party that are in top-demand. You never have to touch any inventory!
  • Bonus #3: Get instant access to beginner-friendly instructions to grow your own e-mail list starting completely from scratch, using a secret FREE e-mail autoresponder.
  • Bonus #4: Get access to our Live Traffic Workshop showing you exactly how to instantly pull in 1000's daily visitors with our #1 source of FREE Party Traffic.

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