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Watch the video below to see my in-depth Authority Accelerator review, members area walk-through including demo of ReviewPops (included software), how it works, pros & cons, conclusion and $5735 worth of free bonuses when you get Authority Accelerator via this page.

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Authority Accelerator was created by Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte, also known together as "The Offline Sharks". These are the guys behind the training inside the Authority Accelerator, where they teach you this unique and untapped strategy along with their secrets of running local agencies for more than a decade and multiple 7 figures earned. In other words, they are the real deal!

They've got over 22 courses and 16,641 students. Some very expensive and some cheaper, but all of the cheaper once only start out as cheap when they first launch, then they raise the price. (Example: One of their products was $27 at launch and later increased to $197 and still selling at this price today.

They brought on David Sprague who is the guy behind the ReviewPops software that works perfectly with the Authority Accelerator strategy. This combination of super intelligent and successful agency owners is what's now responsible for brining you this very rare only income opportunity for 2021-2022.

The Offline Sharks makes the majority of their money with their agencies but from time to time they create products to help smaller local marketing agencies and aspiring entrepreneurs (like you) to start from scratch and reach success in the industry they know the best.

I've reviewed another product of theirs before and the quality is ALWAYS top notch. They always go above and beyond in their training videos, explaining things in the right order, making sure you understand everything from the phycological triggers, mindsets and reasons why we do what we do, as well as word-for-word scripts on exactly what to say as well as templates for everything to make it as easy as possible for you to get the ball running.

Authority Accelerator PRICING & UPSELLS

Does Authority Accelerator come with any upgrades? (A.K.A upsells, OTOs)

Yes, so while you don't need any of the optional upgrades in order to have success with Authority Accelerator, you still might consider deciding whether or not any of these following upgrades could help make things easier or better for your business.

(Please note that the upgrades are optional add-ons to the original product, meaning you will only be able to get the upgrades after you've completed your purchase of Authority Accelerator )

Here's a full breakdown of Authority Accelerator , as well as the optional Authority Accelerator upgrades:

Authority Accelerator

The main course + software




one time

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5. Get instant access to AA and all bonuses mentioned on this page.

Authority Accelerator

Authority Accelerator is a step-by-step, start-to-finish system, including unique, 100% automated software, for you to make 4-figure paydays from the “low hanging fruit” thanks to trends that are untapped in 2021.

It doesn't matter if you’ve got no list, no online traffic, no product… And even if you're a wet-behind-the-ears rookie with almost ZERO local marketing experience.

AA is like having a printing press “in the basement,” as the old saying goes. The automatic, repeating nature of this cash generator is awesome to observe.

It’s a system that’s as close to “DONE FOR YOU” as you can possibly get, with word-for-word scripts, DFY offers that require just MINUTES to fulfill, not hours or days.

  • Module 1: The Big Opportunity
    1.1 Secret to Success
    1.2 Trends
    1.3 99% do this Wrong
    1.4 1000 reviews
    1.5 Big opportunity

  • Module 2: Make Money Strategy
    2.1 Break-Through strategy
    2.2 Authority strategy
    2.3 “Pops” strategy
  • Module 3: Generate Leads
    3.1 7 Ways to Sell
    3.2 Free Offer Strategy
    3.3. One Time Offer
    3.4 Residual Offer
    3.5 Downsell Offer
    3.6 Quick Close Strategy
  • Module 4: Instant Customers
    4.1 Overview
    4.2 The Secret Message
    4.3 The Patron Swap Strategy
    4.4 The Referral Swap Strategy
    4.5 Email Secrets
    4.6 Virtual Call Script
  • Review Pops Custom Software - 10 Locations
  • Exclusive FB Community with 10K members
  • Great support team if needed

...and more!

Authority Accelerator UPGRADES:

Sales & Marketing Pack + DFY ReviewPop Templates

Upsell #1




one time 

In this upgrade you get the Sales & Marketing Power Pack including:

  • Whitelabel Agency Slide Deck Presentation
  • DFY Blog Posts
  • DFY Email Campaigns
  • DFY Social Posts
  • DFY Voice Scripts

As well as DFY Review Pop Templates for following niches:

  • Movers
  • Pest Control
  • Roofers
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Weight Loss
  • Residential Cleaning
  • Residential Contractor
  • Child Care
  • Gym

S&M Pack or DFY Templates

Downsell #1




one time 

This downgrade allows you to choose either the Sales & Marketing Pack OR the DFY ReviewPops Templates at a cheaper price.

The Sales & Marketing Power Pack includes:

  • Whitelabel Agency Slide Deck Presentation
  • DFY Blog Posts
  • DFY Email Campaigns
  • DFY Social Posts
  • DFY Voice Scripts

The DFY Review Pop Templates includes the following niches:

  • Movers
  • Pest Control
  • Roofers
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Weight Loss
  • Residential Cleaning
  • Residential Contractor
  • Child Care
  • Gym

10x ReviewPops

Upsell #2




per year

This upgrade allows you to instantly scale your residual income opportunity.

  • Instantly Upgrade Your Account From 10 Locations To 100!
  • The Power To SCALE Your Reach 10X!
  • Access The Secret Weapon To Maximize Your Opportunity For Residual Income!
  • Save Big At Less Than $2.25 per location!

16 Week Authority Mastery Track

Upsell #3




one time 




For 16 weeks of training, you'll have a front-row seat to learning proven marketing insights and strategies from expert coaches as they take you by the hand as your guide during your Authority Accelerator journey!

This is not just “theory” someone made up out of thin air. These are the exact strategies and tactics working right now in agencies that your coaches have shared to help grow to six and seven figure businesses.

By the end of your 16 Week Authority Mastery Track Training, you’ll have learned everything you need to know to find high-profit clients, fulfill in minutes, upsell your clients to even higher profits, and exceed your customer’s expectations!

  • Includes LIVE Q&A From Marketing Experts!
  • In-Depth Done-With-You Over The Shoulder Training For SIXTEEN WEEKS!
  • Receive Access To On-Demand Training Recordings!
  • Walkaway With The Confidence You've ALWAYS WANTED With Marketing!
  • BONUS: + 4 LIVE Trainings With The Offline Sharks Nick & Tom!

Authority Accelerator PROS & CONS



  • Never seen before complete blueprint to sell a service nobody is selling at the moment but almost every business desperately NEEDS
  • High-quality training with TONS of "aha" moments!
  • Word-for-word scripts for every single instance of selling and marketing (exactly what to say or write!)
  • ReviewPops software is not only a solid software that your clients will love, but it's so easy to fulfil.
  • Nothing extra being sold once inside the course. Just follow, take action, and get results.
  • Exclusive Facebook group for Offline Shark members (10K+ members)
  • Tons of quality bonuses included
  • Great 24/7 support 
  • Risk free (30 day money back guarantee)
  • Absolutely no cons. I tried to look for something but I can not find any bad things to say about Authority Accelerator. 

Authority Accelerator CONCLUSION

Authority Accelerator was an absolute pleasure to go through, and I can't count how many times I had "aha" moments learning about how to sell their software "ReviewPops" as a service to local businesses. I must say I was skeptical when I first read the claims of how easy this model is supposed to be, as it's very common for products to focus more on the sales page rather than the actual product.

However, after learning about all the word-for-word scripts, exactly what to say and how to position this offer it makes complete sense how anybody, even a complete beginner could quickly jump on this and see results fast if daily action is taken. (at least in 2021 - 2022!)

Just the bonuses alone provide more value than many other agency products/softwares which says a lot. But the amount of effort that has been put in to the Authority Accelerator training and software can not be compared to anything I've ever seen for less than $997.

My highest recommendation goes to Authority Accelerator as I truly believe this is a must have for any agency regardless of the service provided, as this offer can be as a standalone offer or as a upsell/downsell to any existing services you may want to provide as a local marketing agency.

Authority Accelerator PREMIUM BONUSES

Get Authority Accelerator + $5735 Worth of Bonuses For FREE via This Page

Below you'll see 24+ (NEW Added) premium bonuses that you'll get for free when purchasing Authority Accelerator through this page. All of these bonuses will be instantly delivered to you. Simply purchase Authority Accelerator via any of the links on this page and get instant access to Authority Accelerator + all 24 bonuses.

For more details on how the process works, please scroll to the instructions.

"Bad Review" Mailer Strategy

Click image to preview bonus

  • A unique way to leverage a business's bad reviews to get the attention of the owner. We do it with a simple postcard, designed using some very sophisticated psychology. The last time we sent this out, we sent it to just a handful of businesses on the west side of Maui, and we landed 2 new clients! Now we're sharing this proven-to-be-profitable template with you. Just swap out our info for yours and send it!
  • Proven DFY Postcard Template included

VALUE: $97

"Automatic Review" Strategy

Click on image to preview bonus

  • You know that feeling you get when you have to send that review email-of-shame: "Can you leave me a review please?" Yuck!

    Thankfully, you won't ever need to do it again—this little trick helps you generate new reviews on autopilot. It's literally a "Set It and Forget It" strategy to make review requests automatic.
  • Simple 3 step approach to get reviews in a cool way that isn't "yucky" and is fully automated.

VALUE: $47

Landing a $2,000/month Client

Click on image to preview bonus

  • As an entrepreneur, there’s no better feeling than landing a new client! In this behind-the-scenes video, Nick talks to a cold prospect for PPC ads... and closes him for $2k/month!
  • Not only do you get to hear the call, Nick also breaks down how he goes into sales calls with enough confidence to actually strike a deal.

VALUE: $99

Nurturing Email Swipe File

Click on image to preview bonus

  • If you don't want to be stuck on the "prospecting hamster wheel" forever, you MUST build a list of prospects and stay in front of them consistently. We keep it cheap and simple: email list and autoresponder emails. In this 2-volume swipe file, you'll get all our best-performing emails to our list from over 12 months of nurturing and converting leads into clients.
  • 31 pages in Vol 1 + 54 pages in Vol 2. A total of 85 pages full of emails you can use as you see fit to convert leads into clients!

VALUE: $297

Top 5 Email Marketing Campaigns

Click on image to preview bonus

Learn the top 5 email marketing campaigns and how to use each for yourself or your clients. Includes "best practices" for:

  • reactivation campaigns
  • referral campaigns
  • retention campaigns
  • promotion campaigns
  • acquisition campaigns

VALUE: $97

Evergreen Email Promotion Plan

Click on image to preview bonus

  • Never again search for "something to talk about" for your emails! With this Evergreen Email Promotion Plan, you'll have, on a single page, an entire lifetime of promotion ideas and email fodder.
  • Based on a super-old marketing technique that's still used by almost every large company in the world. Discover their "open secret" in this short PDF.

VALUE: $97

Exclusive Agency Training 

Click on image to preview bonus

  • Exclusive Funnellogics Agency Edition Training (never seen before)
  • Over 1 hour of training across 4 videos
  • Titles include: How To Evaluate Prospective Clients, The 4 Factors of Impulse To Get Your First Client, Using Thumbtack To Get Super Targeted Leads for Your Agency, Outsourcing For Profits and Saving Massive Amounts of Time

VALUE: $197

High Paying Clients Secrets

  • 8-part video course exposing well kept secrets on how to close big ticket sales from high paying clients
  • Comes with audio recordings as well to learn on the go.
  • Video titles include: Why Go For High Paying Clients, What it Takes to Close High Paying Clients, How To Position Yourself as an Expert, How To Identify and Qualify Clients, The Sales Process, Sales Objections, How to Price Your Product, How to Deliver After Payment is Made

VALUE: $197

Personal 1-on-1 Mentoring
via WhatsApp chat

  • You get my personal phone # to get a direct line to me via WhatsApp
  • 1-on-1 Personal Mentoring from me Jonas Nielsen (full-time affiliate)
  • Ask me anything, get the guidance you need based on YOUR UNIQUE situation
  • Limited to the first 25 people only! (if you're seeing this, there's still spots left)

VALUE: $497

Banner Advertising Signature Video Series

Click image to preview bonus

  • 4-Part Video Course showing you how to create banners for free and set-up a Google display banner campaign for highly targeted cheap traffic
  • Use this bonus to create re-targeting banners to follow up with potential clients who visit your Strategy Landing Page
  • Up-to-date high-quality tutorials, guiding you through step-by-step

VALUE: $197

Elegant Banner Ad Templates

Click image to preview bonus

  • 195 banner templates you can use and customize for your own agency biz
  • 15 banner styles/categories in 13 different banner sizes. 
  • You get .psd files to edit either in Photoshop or with free online .psd editors like

VALUE: $197

The Expert Facebook Ads Strategy Guide

  • Proven Results for Acquiring More Customers with Facebook ads
  • Complete break-down on all components of an excellent FB ad
  • Advanced strategy to use FB ads to get more clients and profit selling anything in any niche

VALUE: $97

Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Unleashed

Click image to preview bonus

  • This course includes 11 short videos to guide you through from A - Z building your audience and make sales with a FB Messenger bot today
  • Learn how to use Facebook messenger bots to engage your audience and increase conversions no matter the niche or offer being sold.
  • This training course was designed to help you create a long-term conversion strategy.

VALUE: $197

Urgency  Suites Pro 

Click image to preview bonus

  • Complete members-area with videos showing you how to use urgency timers and urgency bars
  • Software to create urgency timers & urgency bars (can be used in emails too!)
  • The strategy behind how to use urgency effectively in the right way for maximum conversions

VALUE: $297

Modern Email Marketing and Segmentation

  • 10 short videos on getting high quality traffic
  • Learn the basics of email marketing
  • Everything you need to know to get started converting leads into sales

VALUE: $97

4-Part Proven Email Sequence for Getting Clients in Hot Niches

  • Proven email sequence designed to turn cold prospects into red hot buyers
  • Available for hottest niches: Real estate, HVAC, insurance, dentists
  • Tested and tweaked over time for high-conversions by 7 figure agency owners

VALUE: $297

Strategy Call Landing Page Template

  • Use this landing page to turn leads into strategy calls to smoothly close the client on the phone
  • This DFY Template is created in Thrive Architect (Wordpress) and Clickfunnels
  • If you don't have or want to use Thrive Architect or Clickfunnels, you can simply recreate this page in your page builder of choice!

VALUE: $197

Modern Social Media Marketing (+MRR)

  • 17 Part Videos Course including 15 Audios to guide you through the 'Modern Social Media Marketing' blueprint from A - Z
  • High-quality videos and audios to help you crush it on social media
  • Unleash the Power of Social Media Marketing in 10 Steps
  • Includes Master Resell Rights! This means you can sell this product as your own and keep 100% of the profits! You get all landing pages, sales videos, lead magnets etc all you need to sell this in a done-for-you funnel.

VALUE: $197

Commission Blueprint

  • 100% Newbie Friendly "Super Affiliate Blueprint"
  • Use the same blueprint that has generated over $500,000 in commissions in the past 12 months
  • Covers the whole blueprint from A - Z, from getting your pages, emails and traffic 'just right' to rake in commissions fast!

VALUE: $197

Facebook Retargeting Secrets

Click image to preview bonus

  • 9-Part Video Course showing you how to dominate Facebook retargeting and multiple your money on demand
  • Learn how to use Facebook retargeting marketing to bring back a large majority of your missed prospects.
  • This training course was designed to help you create a long-term conversion strategy.

VALUE: $297


  • 500+ Winning Facebook Ad Templates That'll Inspire You
  • Put together by Daniel and Dawood with over 1 year experience across different niches and spending over $100,000 on Facebook ads
  • Copy these templates and skip the steep FB Ad creative learning curve

VALUE: $97

300 Logo Designs Templates

  • Done-for-you logo templates in multiple niches
  • Categories include Products, Real Estate, Security, Shop, Social Media, Software, Sport, Weight Loss, Other Trades and MORE - but can be tweaked for any niche
  • Easily edit in Photoshop (you get .psd files) - or use to edit .psd files for free online without PS.

VALUE: $97

17 Private High-Ticket Webinar Affiliate Programs

Click image to preview bonus

  • Private evergreen webinar affiliate programs with products ranges from $497 - $1497
  • Earn 40% - 50% commissions
  • 15 of these private high-ticket webinar affiliate programs are free to join (2 of them are 'pay to play')
  • Save time finding these hidden, lucrative affiliate programs

VALUE: $97

Digital Income Academy

  • Complete vault with 17 full products
  • CPA Coffee Shop Method
    $200 Cash Hack
    $2K CPA Traffic Jacker
    $250 Cash Magnet
    The Commission Glitch
  • Six Figure Influx
    Pure Profit Payday
    $100 CPA DAILY 
    Commission Profit Hack
    Instant Traffic Jacker

  • Many more, completely free!

VALUE: $1649



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