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My Top 10 Recommended Solo Ad Vendors (For The MMO & IM Niche)

These are my top 10 people to buy solo ads from in the 'Make Money Online' (MMO) and 'Internet Marketing' (IM) niche.

Use any of these solo ad vendors on this list and send their traffic to your CB Passive Income system! You WILL make sales!

Avoid wasting your money (and time) on the unethical solo ad vendors who's trying to sell you fake clicks and low quality traffic. 

My #1 Go-To 'Secret' Traffic Source 

This isn't actually so 'secret', but I wish it were! This traffic is the highest quality of them all for the MMO & IM niche.

This traffic is also expensive, but there's a good reason for that.

I only share this traffic source with people who are committed and serious about making money online. 

It's my "Go-To" traffic and if you decide to test it out, you'll see why.

Taking Consistent ACTION

If you've ever had trouble with taking action, this is for you.
In this 28 minute video you'll discover Omar Martin's (a multiply 7 figure online marketer) insights into why you don't take action, why you procrastinate, what motivates you, and the mental shift you need to take in order to be an INSTANT ACTION TAKER.

You'll also discover the 4 things you need in order to transform yourself into an individual who naturally takes action and because of that makes a lot of money in the process. 

Better Email Marketing

Sending emails sounds like an easy task... Until you realize how one wrong word or poorly written paragraph can destroy the performance of your email in an instant.

This 36 minute video shows you how to do MUCH BETTER when you're writing that next email to your email list.

You'll learn how to properly format an email, the 10 types of emails you should write, the most important emotions to focus on, and A TON of amazing subject line examples that you can steal for amazing results.

Facebook Tactics CheatSheet

Obviously Facebook is the largest digital marketing medium in the world, so you need to know how to properly utilize it to maximize your results.

This guide will help you understand the tactics used by the pros for optimizing results from Facebook, including Fan Pages, Events, Business Pages, Marketplaces, and Plugins, etc.

Marketing Mindset

When it comes to internet marketing it's important to have a marketing mindset. There's a ton of stuff that might seem logical to focus on, but in reality doesn't matter at all. On the other hand, there's a ton of stuff that seems too simple to have any significance, that are crucial to your success. 

Here we'll discuss how important mindset is to be successful not only in internet marketing but in all walks of life.

The Traffic Anatomy

This package uncovers the truth about traffic! The good traffic and the bad traffic. Learn why not all traffic you get can be good, and that MOST traffic can actually hurts your business, and about creating your sales page.

Not all traffic is created equal. You'll discover that traffic has different temperatures, and that one traffic source can work great with one offer and at the same time work terrible with another offer. 

Copywriting Secrets Revealed

Copywriting is absolutely essential to any online marketer or business hoping to be successful. Without intriguing copy to captivate your visitors, you simply don't stand a chance! In this guide we reveal the top copywriting secrets of the pros, including:

- How To Write Killer Headlines & Subject Lines
- How To Be More Productive With Your Copy,
- and How To Come Up With Great Copy Fast!


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