System 88 – Step 3

Setup Your Money Making Machine

Step 3 out of 5

Setup Your Self-Liquidating Funnel

(Please watch this video first)


Inserting Your Affiliate Links in Your New Funnel

(NOTE: If you don’t have all your affiliate links ready by now just insert the ones you have and return back to this video as you get approved for the rest of your SLO affiliate links)

Get a Custom Domain For Your Funnel (+ more)

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Setup Custom Email Address (with G Suite)

NOTE: Please follow the instructions in the video very closely to avoid issues…

This can get a little technical, but it’s something that you do one-time and it’s done forever.

If you feel stuck at anytime, reach out to us at [email protected]

All good? Whenever you’re ready, go to the next step…

NOTE: You need a custom domain and custom email address before you’re ready for the next step