14 Conversion Boosting Widgets For Your Website or Landing Page To Turn More Visitors Into Subscribers & Customers

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Funnel Base Overview

14 Conversion Boosting Widgets For Your Website or Landing Page To Turn More Visitors Into Subscribers & Customers

Funnel Base is a SaaS platform where you can send automated product review requests via email, on site or social media - then display them as star ratings, product reviews and more in a stunning, instantly live, animated and fully customisable widget. 

These social proof boosters can be displayed anywhere on your website giving a more targeted customer experience and adding massive social proof for higher sales conversions.

Integrations include Zapier, Shopify, Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and many more… , or if you’re using Wordpress our bonus plugin makes it even easier. Just connect, activate and display.

Funnel Base works, because the conversion boosting widgets have been proving again and again to convert more visitors into subscribers and customers

The 14 different high impact conversion campaign types available:

  • Social Proof
  • Latest Conversion
  • Customer Review
  • Conversions Counter
  • Live Counter
  • Leads Capture
  • Email Collector
  • Request Collector
  • Countdown Collector
  • Users Retention
  • Scratch Coupon
  • Social Share
  • Emoji Feedback
  • Score Feedback
  • Info Marketing Widget
  • Video Widget
  • Informational Widget
  • Cookies Alerts

Created by...

Cindy Donovan

High-performance leader and product creator.

Kim Torrefranca

Funnel Base Demonstration

When you log in to Funnel Base for the first time...

When you first access the Funnel Base software, you simply just enter your domain URL of where you want your Funnel Base widgets to display, then install the pixel (tutorial available) and you're good to go in less than 5 minutes!

Step 1: Add your domain URL

Click on image to enlarge

Enter a keyword and location and the AgencyReel Leads Suite will find business prospects, their contact details, whether they have video presence, website, social media presence, etc. and present all of that to you in an easy to understand format.

Then, reach out to prospects from right inside the app to land them as a client and integrate each client into AgencyReel to specifically organize their content, schedules, billing, and more.

Begin uploading you or your clients content into the app to post. If they don’t have any, create some in just a few clicks.

You can make content like video cinemagraphs from a 500+ library, social media quotes from a 1000+ library, memes from a 10,000+ library, and much more with a click of a mouse.

Step 2: Install the pixel

Click on image to enlarge

Step 3: Refresh the page

Create ‘content streams’ or collections of a specific type of content for each client. For example, you can create a content stream of a collection of just video content, a stream of quotes, a stream of memes, etc. for each specific client.

Then, specify when each type of ‘stream’ will post to the client’s social media. Ie: quotes can post each Monday and Friday at 2 pm, memes will post at 3 pm Wednesday, etc.

The app will then post whatever content you have uploaded to that particular content stream at that time and once it runs out of new posts, it will start recycling the older posts so you’re always posting content continuously.

Clients will have no idea it’s a smart software doing 100% of the work posting a varied suite of content all day and assume you have an around-the-clock team!

Just log into your dashboard at any time and check your monthly profits from all clients so you know how fast to scale your business.

Step 4: Access the 14 conversion boosting tools 

Click on image to enlarge

Pricing & Upsells (OTOs)

Main Offer: Funnel Base

Price: $27 - $37

Funnel Base provides you with 14 conversion boosting widgets for your website or landing page to convert more visitors into subscribers and customers. 

OTO1: Funnel Base Premium / Pro

Price: $17/mo - $37/mo

Premium members unlock unlimited campaigns, have higher impression numbers and can collect even more email reviews. Also, increase video record options and remove Funnel Base branding.

(This OTO is not required in order to have success with Funnel Base)

OTO2: Funnel Base Agency

Price: $67/mo - $97/mo

Agency members get access to an entire ready to go business, unlocking more funnels, impressions and features.
All agency member’s client accounts get the full VIP experience with premium features, plus the agency can not only remove branding, but fully brand the system as their own.

(This OTO is not required in order to have success with Funnel Base)

Pros & Cons 



  • Super easy to use
  • All conversion widgets look slick and can be customized
  • Loads fast
  • One-time fee (no monthly fees)
  • Risk free (30 day money back guarantee)
  • None so far


Is Funnel Base Worth the Investment?

Funnel Base provides a ton of valuable features for a very small one-time fee. Comparing Funnel Base with the competition, Funnel Base is looking really good not just on price, but on functionality as well.

I.e. Proof, which is another SaaS service, provides users with a proof widgets to increase conversions, just like Funnel Base, but their entry package starts at $24 per month, which is $288 per year, unlike Funnel base at a one-time fee of $27 or $37, depending on the package.

Yes, Funnel Base is a great product with a great price, so if you have a website or a landing page, I highly recommend you get Funnel Base to increase your conversions and turn more traffic into customers.

Funnel Base Exclusive Bonus Bundle

Get Funnel Base + $4252 Worth of Bonuses For FREE via This Page

Below you'll see 15 premium bonuses that you'll get for free when purchasing Funnel Base through this page. All of these bonuses will be instantly delivered to you via the JVZoo platform (where Funnel Base is hosted). Simply purchase Funnel Base via any of the links on this page and get instant access to Funnel Base + all 15 bonuses.

For more details on how the process works, please click here to scroll to the instructions.

Fast Action Vendor Bonus #1:
Insta-Ad Traffic Booster

  • Turn your Funnel Base reviews into instant ads for FB, Instagram, or any other social media platform
  • Funnel Base will capture reviews, testimonials and more and with this addon you'll be able to click a button and turn each of these into a ready-to-use advert.
  • Your ads are beautifully formatted and ready to go for most advertising platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

VALUE: $297

Fast Action Vendor Bonus #2:
Interactive Workshop
Bonus Launch Exclusive

  • Funnel Base fully interactive 14 day challenge program - starts on March 5th
  • It begins on March 5th and takes you step by step through setting up an entire campaign, giving you a LOT of bonus, high value software tools, done for you resources and more.
  • Each day you'll receive amazing resources, gifts & a short training video, showing you exactly how to make the most of Funnel Base even if you've never done anything like this before.

VALUE: $497

Urgency  Suites Pro 

Click image to preview bonus

  • Complete members-area with videos showing you how to use urgency timers and urgency bars
  • Software to create urgency timers & urgency bars (can be used in emails too!)
  • The strategy behind how to use urgency effectively in the right way for maximum conversions

VALUE: $297

Personal 1-on-1 Mentoring
via WhatsApp chat

  • You get my personal phone # to get a direct line to me via WhatsApp
  • 1-on-1 Personal Mentoring from me Jonas Nielsen (full-time affiliate)
  • Ask me anything, get the guidance you need based on YOUR UNIQUE situation
  • Limited to the first 25 people only! (if you're seeing this, there's still spots left)

VALUE: $497

Exclusive Agency Training 

  • Exclusive Funnellogics Agency Edition Training (never seen before)
  • Over 1 hour of training across 4 videos
  • Titles include: How To Evaluate Prospective Clients, The 4 Factors of Impulse To Get Your First Client, Using Thumbtack To Get Super Targeted Leads for Your Agency, Outsourcing For Profits and Saving Massive Amounts of Time

VALUE: $297

Commission Blueprint

  • 100% Newbie Friendly "Super Affiliate Blueprint"
  • Use the same blueprint that has generated over $500,000 in commissions in the past 12 months
  • Covers the whole blueprint from A - Z, from getting your pages, emails and traffic 'just right' to rake in commissions fast!

VALUE: $297

Profit Ascension

Click image to preview bonus

  • Specific Bing Ad + FB Ad traffic strategy to get super cheap traffic
  • Bing Ads to your landing page with a retargeting pixel, and then use FB ads for super cheap clicks.
  • 100% newbie friendly

VALUE: $297

Banner Advertising Signature Video Series

  • 4-Part Video Course showing you how to create banners for free and set-up a Google display banner campaign for highly targeted cheap traffic
  • Use this bonus to create re-targeting banners to follow up with potential clients who visit your Strategy Landing Page
  • Up-to-date high-quality tutorials, guiding you through step-by-step

VALUE: $197

Elegant Banner Ad Templates

  • 195 banner templates you can use and customize for your own agency biz
  • 15 banner styles/categories in 13 different banner sizes. 
  • You get .psd files to edit either in Photoshop or with free online .psd editors like Photopea.com

VALUE: $197

Affiliate Bonus Formula

Click image to preview bonus

  • Increase your conversion rates with the power of adding bonuses to your affiliate offers
  • How to easily create killer bonuses that fit your offers
  • 10 bonus templates you can use in your promotional campaigns

VALUE: $197


Click image to preview bonus

  • 5 Crucial Points To List Building & Email Marketing
  • 9 Types of Follow Up Emails
  • 21 Ways To Convert New Leads Into Sales FAST

VALUE: $97

Videos For Profit Video Course

  • 31-part video course including practical examples
  • How to create powerful presentations, demos, and tutorials using your smart phone, your computer and affordable tools
  • Create amazing videos on a budget with just your smartphone

VALUE: $297

10K Storytelling Formula

  • 36 minute video on the 10K Storytelling Formula
  • Stories are powerful. Sometimes, more than the logical approach when selling. 
  • This special training teaches you how to craft stories that grab attention, touch emotions, and inspire action.

VALUE: $97

Facebook Retargeting Secrets

Click image to preview bonus

  • 9-Part Video Course showing you how to dominate Facebook retargeting and multiple your money on demand​​
  • Learn how to use Facebook retargeting marketing to bring back a large majority of your missed prospects.
  • This training course was designed to help you create a long-term conversion strategy.

VALUE: $197

Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Unleashed

Click image to preview bonus

  • This course includes 11 short videos to guide you through from A - Z building your audience and make sales with a FB Messenger bot today
  • Learn how to use Facebook messenger bots to engage your audience and increase conversions no matter the niche or offer being sold.
  • This training course was designed to help you create a long-term conversion strategy.

VALUE: $197

Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies

  • 10 short videos with sales funnel optimization strategies
  • The sales funnel model helps you craft together working strategies that would help you turn your content and traffic into cash.
  • This video course teaches you how to optimize your sales funnel. It will show you key strategies that will help you maximize conversions and thereby maximize your profits.

VALUE: $297


Yours FREE when you get Funnel Base via this page

When you purchase Funnel Base via any of the buttons/links on this page, you'll have the bonuses instantly available to you via the JVZoo platform. For more information please see below and follow the 3 steps.


(These bonuses will be unlocked instantly by the JVZoo platform when buying through my affiliate link, so please follow these instructions in order to make sure you'll get the bonuses)

1. Click on this link or any of the orange buttons on this page.
2. Buy Funnel Base (make sure that my affiliate ID (#221351) shows on the order page), like this:

3. Inside the JVZoo customer portal, you select "Funnel Base" and scroll down to "Access your bonus from Jonas Nielsen - 100% FREE"... Simply click the button below to instantly access all your bonuses!

IMPORTANT: When you're on the order page, make sure that my JVZoo affiliate ID is shown at the bottom as you can see from the picture above

It will say "You have been referred by Jonas Nielsen (#221351)"

If my affiliate ID is not showing on the order page, then you must clear your cookies first and click on this link again, to make sure I get credited for the sale and to make sure you get your bonuses.

Any questions?

If you need to get in contact with me, please send me an email at jonas(at)marketingwithjonas.com 

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