September 26

The Value Ladder – How To Earn High-Ticket Commissions


Most online marketers want to earn $3000 - $10.000 per month.

If you're like most people, I'm sure your monthly income goal lies in between these numbers as well.

Unfortunately, most marketers only sell cheap $27 - $97 products, and so in order to achieve an income goal of say $5.000 per month, selling a $27 program would require you to make 185 sales per month.

That's 6.1 sales per day.

This is assuming that you'd get 100% commissions, which is not the case with affiliate marketing.

So actually, you'd need 384 sales per month to earn $5.000/m if you were selling a $27 product and getting a 50% commission (which is the standard affiliate commission percentage).

On the other hand, if you were selling a $1000 product, and you earned the standard affiliate percentage of 50%, you'd only need 10 sales per month to earn the same $5.000/m.

Which option sounds easier?

Selling 384 low-ticket products per month to earn $5.000/m


Selling 10 high-ticket products per month to earn $5.000/m.

The answer seems pretty obvious, doesn't it?

And here's the kicker:

Selling high-ticket products is actually not that hard.

All you need to have in place in order to make this easy, is what's called a Value Ladder.

Watch the video below to discover how a "value ladder" can make the process of earning high-ticket affiliate commissions easier than you ever though possible.

Check out this done-for-you system including a done-for-you sales funnel with a value-ladder allowing you to earn $1.000 commissions, completely hands-off.

This system pays out 60% commissions on their products, including their high-ticket offers ranging anywhere from $2500 - $10.000.

If you're curious to see what else this system can do for you, check out this quick 10 minute video explaining exactly what you'll get with a system like this.

Whether you choose to go with this system or any other high-ticket system, I highly recommend getting involved in this business model as it's skyrocket your earnings for the same amount of work involved.


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